November 27th 2014

Bryan Adams- Reckless 30th Anniversary Tour, SSE Hydro, Glasgow, 14th November 2014

Me and Keith

In 2004 my 16-year-old self attended her first Bryan Adams concert (Room Service tour). It was during the last week of the October holidays whilst I was still in High School. I was blown away by Bryan and the band, Keith Scott and his amazing guitar solos. I distinctly remember coming home and announcing that “I just HAD to see them again”. Flash forward 10 years to last weekend when I attended my 8th Bryan Adams concert. This time around it was the Reckless 30th Anniversary tour down in Glasgow at the new SSE Hydro building.

Reckless was first released in 1984 and it’s one of Bryan’s most successful albums. It also happens to be my favourite album of all time. I was delighted when the 30th Anniversary edition was released a few days prior the concert. The original album has been remastered and several unreleased tracks were included, along with a recording of the 1985 Hammersmith gig. Fantastic.

The day of the gig was a great day out- train journey (actually that part wasn’t so fun), grabbed food at the Hard Rock Cafe, bumped into a friends, took a taxi to the hotel, chilled for a bit then headed over to the venue. I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the Hydro but I loved it. Plenty of space, lots of food/drink areas. It looks great from the outside too when it’s all lit up- almost like a spaceship.

We had 4th row seats at the venue, block 004, right in front of the stage- great view. Admittedly I was a bit nervous about a seated concert but then I figured it might be a good thing, given the current state of my hip and back. It meant I didn’t have to queue for a good spot and if I got really sore I could sit. There was no support act and the show kicked off at 8pm. I immediately jumped out of my chair. No one else around me did so I sat down again. 2 seconds later I thought “screw it” and was on my feet for the rest of the evening. What can I say, I just can’t sit through a rock show.

My highlights…..

  • Reckless- an unreleased track from the album of the same name. It’s a real earworm (and it rocks!)
  • It’s Only Love- always a highlight for me. Love Keith’s guitar solos! Would love to throw my guitar over my shoulder then round my body but I’m worried about breaking my face.
  • Heaven- Jim Vallance joined the band on stage for Heaven. A wee surprise I wasn’t expecting. For those who don’t know who Jim is, he was one half of the Adams-Vallance songwriting partnership on the Reckless album.
  • Heaven (again)- Bryan randomly started playing the song later in the set before realising he’d already done it. Quite entertaining!
  • Long Gone- A favourite from the album I’d never heard live.
  • Ain’t Gonna Cry- This is the song I’d been waiting for! Before this gig it had only been played live twice in 30 years: once in Cardiff in 2004 (for the 20th anniversary of Reckless) and in Nottingham at the start of this current tour. Loved the screaming at the end!
  • Summer Of ’69- my favourite song ever. Love the high-five mid-song
  • Let Me Down Easy- another of the new, unreleased Reckless tracks
  • C’mon Everybody- Eddie Cochran cover!
  • She Knows Me- great to hear a new song from the Tracks Of My Years album


It was an absolutely fantastic evening. The crowd were singing along, the sound in the venue was great and it was a cracking show. Oh, and Susan Boyle was in the audience too! My only gripe- security were rather heavy-handed in regards to cameras (their constant movement was beginning to annoy me). Anyway, bring on the next gig!

I went back to my hotel with a smile on my face and a tired voice from all the singing. I thought that my evening was over. I was wrong. Bumped into a few friends and sat and yapped for a couple of hours. By some crazy random happenstance I then ended up sitting yapping to Keith for a couple of hours. Seriously, he’s such a nice guy. Legend. After sitting around for a bit longer it was time for me to grab some sleep (well it was the wee hours of the morning).

What an evening :)

One Night Love Affair
She’s Only Happy When She’s Dancin’
Run To You
Kids Wanna Rock
It’s Only Love
Long Gone
Ain’t Gonna Cry
Summer Of ’69
Let Me Down Easy
Heaven (again!)
(Everything I Do) I Do It For You
If Ya Wanna Be Bad Ya Gotta Be Good
Cuts Like A Knife
Can’t Stop This Thing We Started
Please Forgive Me
When You’re Gone
18 Til I Die
Cloud #9
The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You

You’ve Been a Friend to Me
C’mon Everybody
She Knows Me
Straight from the Heart
All for Love

November 27th 2014

Joining GitHub

At the beginning of the year, I joined GitHub. I figured it might be useful for scripts etc I write when fiddling around with the Raspberry Pi. This month I actually created a repo (don’t worry, it’s nothing exciting- it’s just a script to stop the Raspberry Pi wifi disconnecting).

You can find me at

November 25th 2014

Rock Of Ages, HMT Aberdeen, 8th November 2014

Rock of Ages

My last trip of 2014 to the theatre- boo!

So, Rock of Ages. I saw the show in Vegas last year at the Venetian and absolutely loved it. Aberdeen was even better!

It’s a hilarious, loud show, full of classic rock tunes. My sister and I were sitting in the second row and admittedly it was VERY loud from our seats (so loud the seats were shaking). I really enjoyed it though- classic rock playing in the theatre as you walked in, theatre staff dressed up in 80’s clothes, and a real party atmosphere. Bourbon Room!

We saw Stephen Rolley as Drew (understudy) and his singing was amazing. Ben Richards was fantastic as Stacee Jaxx too. I’d also forgotten about the character of Franz since I last saw the show- so funny! Definitely a show to see again.

November 4th 2014

Some Recent Shows

I’ll start off by saying that I’ve been appalling at updating my blog recently. I’m making a concerted effort to catch-up on everything so I thought I’d start with a few of the shows I’ve seen over the last few months. There’s more geeky stuff to follow, I promise!


Minor Delays, Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh, 1st August 2014
My first (and only) visit to the Fringe festival this year. After wandering around all afternoon, my friend and I had no idea what to see, despite the fact that we’d been bombarded with flyers. While walking through the Bristo Square area, we were offered a free promo ticket to see Minor Delays. We bought a second ticket and off we went.

Minor Delays was a comedic sketch show, put together by former members of the Cambridge Footlights and the Leeds Tealights. During the intro, I wasn’t too sure what was happening but it soon became evident as we watched the fast-paced show. It had the added bonus of cellos for dramatic music and there were no props therefore the focus was on the performers. I loved the show- plenty of laughs, some unexpected twists and we left with a smile on our faces.


Annie Get Your Gun, Theatre Royal, Glasgow, 6th September 2014
I almost didn’t get to see this show. I’d had tickets booked for the Aberdeen show for months and I’d watched the film in anticipation. Unfortunately, the organisers pulled the last 3 weeks of the tour; Aberdeen happened to be one of those weeks. After a few days of planning and receiving a refund from HMT Aberdeen, we managed to get 5th row seats at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow. When we arrived, it was clear the theatre was still under renovation- some of the toilets were portacabins on the street (although it did look as though the renovation work was nearing completion).

On to the show! Really enjoyed it, plenty of great songs and comedy. I thought Emma Williams was fantastic as Annie Oakley. What a voice- very, very powerful! I was amazed at the length of time she managed to hold a note during “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better”. Jason Donovan on the other hand….I was disappointed by his performance. I saw him earlier in the year as Tick in Priscilla: Queen of the Desert and I thought he seemed rather tired/might be having an off day back then- the rest of the cast overpowered him. I struggled to hear him throughout Annie Get Your Gun this time around too. Like I said, disappointing.


Top Hat, His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen, 4th October 2014
This was a bit of a gamble for me. I’d never seen the original film and fancied a day away at the theatre. I made a good choice though. I can only describe the level of comedy in the show as a farce. I mean that in a good way- it reminded me of the episode of Frasier at the ski lodge where there’s a number of crossed wires, resulting in hilarity. The dancing and singing in the show was phenomenal and it was great to hear a live orchestra play. It’s a show I definitely want to see again!

October 7th 2014

Cyberforensics Conference, Glasgow, June 2014

In June, I attended the Cyberforensics 2014 conference in Glasgow.  The conference was spread over two days, and featured talks from academics, companies and those involved with law enforcement e.g. members of Police Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland and NCC group were in attendance.  One of the talks that sticks in mind was entitled “Temporal Analysis Anomalies with iOS iMessage Communication Exchange” by Kenneth Ovens – I found it particularly interesting (for starters, I was completely unaware the Messages app utilised SQLite).

The conference proved to be a valuable experience in terms of my PhD work, providing me with the opportunity to network with other researchers in the field.  Constructive criticism regarding my presentation has given me some issues to consider when working on my research too.  I really enjoyed the conference and I’m looking forward to attending it next year.

Link to papers-