Useful Firefox add-ons

How many of you use Firefox? Come on, raise your hands.

A few days ago I was looking though the add-on area of the mozilla site and came across a few neat tools so, I thought I’d share some of the Firefox add-ons I use.

Adblock Plus, used in conjunction with Filterset.G.Updater
What can I say? I completely adore this add-on. It gets rid of 99.9% of ads and banners. For that, I love it.

Colourful tabs
Ok, it’s not the most useful Firefox add-on in existance but it makes each tab you open a different colour, resulting in a very pretty interface.

This small add-on makes it even easier to navigate between the various tabs you may have open at a given time. It provides a similar feature to the Alt+Tab shortcut in Windows.

Down Them All!!
Allows you to download multiple items from a page at the same time. Tired of right-clicking and “saving as”? Well, down them all is for you!

Extremely useful for when one is web designing. It allows you to inspect, edit and monitor CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Foxy Tunes
This neat little add-on allows you to control media players without leaving your browser. Handy if you’re like me and always have music on!

IE Tab
This allows you to view a page in Firefox, using IE rendering. Pretty cool!

Again, this isn’t really all that useful but it does provide you with a splash screen while Firefox is loading. It’s something to look at I guess.

Web Developer
One of my favourite add-ons. What does it do? It adds a menu and a toolbar containing a plethora of web developer tools. Get it. Get it now!

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  1. Kevin

    Some security ones:

    NoScript – useful for killing javascript on untrusted pages
    RefControl – Stops sites figuring out where you have come from
    TorButton – Lets you put your traffic through the Tor network at the click of a mouse
    FlashBlock – Another layer of defence against evil flash videos
    FoxyProxy – Lets you switch between proxies based on the site you are visiting
    FireGPG – Lets you access GPG encryption from within FireFox, links in with Gmail for mail encryption/decryption
    CustomizeGoogle – Neuters Google’s tracking capabilities and switches off ads and switches on SSL for many of their services

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