Has anyone else out there downloaded Firefox 3.6 yet? I must say, I’m impressed with the new Persona feature that it includes.

Remember Firefox Themes? If you wanted to install one of them, you first had to locate one which you thought might look ok. Yes, you could see a preview of the theme provided by the author but that wasn’t a guarentee of how it would look on your system. From there, you had to download and install the theme before restarting Firefox (the old theme remained in place until the browser restarted). Much of the time, on restarting Firefox, you would discover that the theme you had chosen looked awful and you ended up wanting to revert to what you originally had. Again, you can to choose the original theme before restarting Firefox once more in order to see the change.

All in all, themes were a bit of a pain in the backside, wouldn’t you agree?

The Persona feature included in Firefox 3.6 is similar to the old themes feature. It basically allows you to apply a skin to your browser with one click, customising it instantly. Unsure if the theme will look good on your system? 1 click and you can preview it fully in the browser. Like what you see? 1 click and its installed and ready to use. Personas certainly make things much easier in comparison to themes.

If you want to see the Persona gallery and get started, check out the Firefox website.

Here’s a rather rubbish screenshot of my system at the moment (and yes, I know this is a rather girly theme)-

FF screenshot

Persona Screenshot