OpenVPN on the Raspberry Pi

I’ve been looking for an easy guide on setting up OpenVPN on the Raspberry Pi. I stumbled across this video on YouTube which was useful-

I did have to make a few changes though e.g. replacing the local Raspberry Pi address with the address of my dynamic DNS provider. I also had an issue with the default port and protocol (UDP 1194) and had to replace it with TCP 443.


  1. James Sutherland

    Nice – I went with L2TP over UDP port 1701, which works OK from Three mobile data at least. What was wrong with UDP 1194 for you, is the port blocked somewhere?

  2. Lynsay

    The port was blocked on the train.

  3. James Sutherland

    Thanks, that’s good to know! Scotrail actually said on Twitter that they *recommend* the use of a VPN with their Wifi service … though the obvious follow-up questions of “Where? There’s no mention of VPNs anywhere on your website” and “so why do you block port 1194 then?” fell on deaf ears. (Is there an iPhone app for checking which ports are blocked? A quick search just turned up a regular port scanner.)

    I’ve got it working nicely over TCP port 443 as well now – complete with IPv6, which is a welcome bonus.

    For a few years, my server had SSH listening on port 443, because my friend’s ISP blocked a lot of ports including SSH. Unlike SSH, though, OpenVPN is somehow able to co-habit cleanly with a web server – a neat trick.

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