All is not well in Lynsay Land.  You see, I’ve had a really irritating problem…

I absolutely adore my 4th generation, 20GB iPod.  Really.  It’s one of my prized possessions.  I have to travel everyday and that wee gadget has kept me company on many a stressful train journey since 2005.  Honestly, it’s one of the best things ever.

Guess what?  It’s screwed.

I have never dropped it or damaged it in any way but, I was listening to it a few days ago in the garden and it crapped out.  Started skipping then died.  I plugged it into the computer and it said it was corrupt.  Tried to restore it (using the latest version of iTunes) but the restore process keeps freezing.  I’ve tried resetting it and that hasn’t worked either.

I stuck the iPod into diagnostics mode and the hdd tests seem ok (plus the hdd sounds fine- no clicking or anything so that’s good).  When I plug it into a computer, it shows a removable device with a size of 0kb (and therefore gives an error when you try to format it- it doesn’t think there is anything there that needs formatting).

There was a small glimmer of hope last night when I plugged it into my old computer.  For once, the iPod showed up in iTunes (as “Lynsay’s iPod”).  I even managed to play a song off it (which proves the hdd is definitely ok).  Stupidly, I unplugged it and tried plugging it in again and of course, it broke again.  Really I should just have formatted it.

I spoke to my cousin and he thinks it’s the hard drive controller.  That may mean a new logic board.  *cries* 🙁

Never mind, I purchased a 2GB iPod nano on eBay this afternoon.  Got it at a good price so here’s hoping it works properly.  It’s not really a replacement.  Just a substitute ’til I get my old one on the road again, which I’m sure is possible.